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vegetarian kids

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April 25, 2012
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im a vegetarian come vegan and went to docs today for sum advise on weight loss as dnt no why im gaining weight as dnt eat unhealth, to get told that im a bad parent as my kids dnt eat meat or alot of dariy!!! i dont think i am as thy r all healthy cant belive her!! am i the only one thats had this? and im i right for turning my kids vegy/vegan as i am?? :(

ravenred x
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`You are going to run into this...but remember that a doctor is NOT the same thing as a nutritionist.
I think the main concern with children is to make sure that they are consuming healthy fats. This can be from nuts, avocados, healthier oils and to a lesser degree in soy products. Also keep their B-12 levels in check by feeding them nutritional yeast, blackstrap molasses or vegetarian multi-vitamins. Iron may also be an issue but can also be easily remedied with blackstrap molasses, green vegetables, soy products and again with the vegetarian multi-vitamins.
Your kids will be fine as long as you monitor what they eat and encourage healthy eating behavior. You can always consult a vegan friendly nutritionist if you want to really be on the safe side.
Either way, you will most likely have an automatic advantage over the average parent as you are probably paying more attention to your childrens diet than most parents would. Good luck!

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June 30, 2014
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`I like what Strawberry disco had to say. I even learned a little something. Since Im not a nutritionist; I am not as qualified to leave a post here. But I like to listen to advice from various sources. I personally believe strongly that every child should begin life as a vegan or Raw foodist. Eating no meat. I personal believe that is healthier and I applaud any parent who will make the effort and raise their children as such. I get my inspiration from the animals that are vegan and very healthy such as Elephants, cows, hippos, rhinos, horses, gorillas, some whales, moose, to a large extent black bears, and then there are the buffalo. Sure some of those guys have special digestive systems; But we are not eating hay and grass either and cooking your hay and grass before you eat it would be pretty much the same as what there special digestive systems do for them. Any how; most of the aforementioned typically get all the nutrients they need from the bounty they can pick. And notice that the planets largest and most powerful animals are vegetarians. I have been a vegetarian for almost 20 years with the last year trying to go completely vegan and Raw food. I have noticed that evan though I got fat on coke and carbs, I am still looking younger than most my age and a couple of days ago I ran 3 and a half miles, with the first 2 miles being under 10 minuts and 20 seconds and the fun run before that I was in at 10 minutes and 54 seconds for 2 miles and having run 4 miles all together. Not many kids are doing that. Let alone guys my age. You know who inspires me for that kind of activity, (Dr. Wayne Pickering) . That guy is over 65 now and still skips rope and swims in the ocean for 2 miles and does his pullups and push ats as well as rides his bike for 50 mile runs regularly. Im trying to get in the shape he is in. So I quit my heavy carb consumption and my coke addiction. I do crunch's and leg lifts when my back will hold out ( disabled veteran for back injuries). But my whole work out take s me almost 2 hours every day. I like weights and cardio. I got a little off topic huh. sorry. I dont think I believe in vitamins due to the mega dosing principal and that many nutritionist frown on them and recommend just eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables and roots and legumes, and very little of the grains and white sugars. If you read this; please submit something behind this comment. Dont be a church mouse. Voice your self so we can add to our site wide discussion and to our mutual benefit.

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