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  • marcosway
  • Hi!I am originally from Argentina, I currently live in Nayarit, Mexico, close to Puerto Vallarta, a beautiful small town by the ocean. I have rentals for tourists there. I would like to meet people into nudism to share thoughts, ideas, experiences, etc. I like to eat healthy foods. I love being a nudist at home and at some secluded beaches I often go.
  • 62 years old | Santa Barbara, CA, USA

  • willowk24
  • 20 years old | Columbus, OH, USA

  • reikiwoman
  • I wrote a book about reducing stress and I practice those concepts. I am a very calm person. I am serious about my health, so I avoid drugs including alcohol and caffeine. I am looking for a man who is health conscious and open to learning new things. You must be open and honest. You must be willing to communicate freely. In return for meeting these requirements you will receive affection, respe...
  • 69 years old | San Jose, CA, USA

  • manbearpig
  • Never met a vegetable I didn't like Well, there was that one guy who... oh - never mind. I've been a veg since I was 16 and living at home in the heartland of Nebraska, surrounded by rednecks and beef cattle. One day I just realized, "Hey! These are living things with feelings! WTF are we doing EATING THEM?!?!" I quit meat cold-turkey (cold-tofu?) then and there and have never looked back. If you ...
  • 56 years old | Lincoln, NE, USA

  • sweetgrass41
  • 48 years old | Fort Dupont, DC, USA

  • 2blue
  • 66 years old | All of PA, USA

  • massagenudist
  • 62 years old | Roanoke, VA, USA

  • easytouch123
  • 61 years old | Laurel, MD, USA

  • abhi161287
  • 31 years old | Bangalore, India

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