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  • greenandblue
  • Looking For A Pleasant Female
  • I like blues, oldies, rock, traditional jazz, standards, ballads, taking walks, certain sections of bookstores, beautiful sunsets, the beach, vegetarian food, spiritually oriented conversations, and also spending quiet, peaceful time. It would be nice to find an ongoing relationship, but I also welcome the prospect of meeting a new female friend, I am open to shorter, taller, thinner, heavier, o...
  • 69 years old | Mesa, AZ, USA

  • damariuscage
  • 43 years old | Milwaukee, WI, USA

  • plainscott
  • Vegetarian looking for companionship I've been happily vegetarian since 2009, partial vegetarian for 10 years before that. Living a lifestyle free of animal products, animal abuse, and animal exploitation is important to me. Would love to meet someone who feels the same!
  • 54 years old | Bowling Green, KY, USA

  • ravenswing
  • diamond in the not so rough I am very spiritually centered and into truth, but zen about life and enjoying life and the world in fun and productive ways. I am caring and giving, creative in this area and other areas, love laughing and finding the humor in life. Want to continue to grow as a person, which includes all sorts of fun exploration (not mainly the "oh no, not another learning experienc...
  • 68 years old | Abbott, CA, USA

  • dutch8926
  • All over the place... I've an extremely sensitive tongue. I love food! I cook only vegetarian; I avoid meat. I don't want meat. I've no problem with dairy. I'm a tactile, nurturing, ascetic, poly Teddy Bear, intellectual. I'm looking for women friends that I can adopt as close as family & have a relationship with. I'm into character and not looks. Want more info? Ask. I'm on several other '...
  • 56 years old | Columbus, OH, USA

  • theathen
  • Purity Good clean food, good clean living
  • 61 years old | Laguna Hills, CA, USA

  • peaceandlove123
  • Vegetarian I want to meet people who don't eat anything that had to be killed.
  • 64 years old | Albany, NY, USA

  • cheyennebrave2
  • American Indian/Spritual man Seeking a long term committed companionship or(monogomus) marriage.Hopeing to find a down to earth type eath mother. Some one to keep the home fires burning with love and devotion.I own my home near Jacksonville fla in the country not in the city. I grow most of my own food in my large garden.
  • 59 years old | Gainesville, FL, USA

  • kathlyn8
  • I have been described as sweet and spiritual from many. Another adjective is wise. Yes, is only part of me. Looking forward to developing a relationship with a caring, compassionate man who will be my friend, soul-mate and passion maker. Living, loving and laughing together, sharing our peace and love with others.
  • 74 years old | New York City, NY, USA

  • bluejayway2010
  • Barbecue is a vegetable, right? I'm a vegetarian/pescetarian wannabe - I'm a vegetarian-in-progress. I choose this for humane reasons - because I don't like the way animals are "processed" for food.
  • 68 years old | Oakland, CA, USA

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